ChuiHua Cast Iron South African Potjie 4.5QT, 6QT,8 QT,9QT,12QT Cast Iron Pot Camping Pot

Short Description:


Metal Type: Cast Iron


Pot Cover: With Pot Cover


Product name: Cast Iron South African three legs Pot


Usage: Outdoor Cooking


Color: Customized Color


MOQ: 50 pcs


Brand: Chuihua or as clients’ requirements


Diameter: 23 or 26cm


Sample time: 7-15 Days


OEM: Accepable


Style: Outdoor Cooking


Surface Treatment: Vegetable oil


Product Detail

Product Description

Item No. XG #2POT
Size DIA 23CM
Material Cast Iron
Coating Vegetable oil
Color Black
Logo Chuihua Or customer request
Shape Round

Product Introduction


The 3 legs and round belly shape allows even heat distribution around the pot.

Maintains the liquids at the lowest point to prevent the food from burning.

Domed lid allows for optimal internal heat circulation.

The tall legs make it ideal for cooking directly over fire/coals or gas burner.

Cooking potjiekos is a great way to socialise and relax with friends and family.

Natural original ecological iron ingot Health Supplement

The iron supplement is more direct and the effect is more obvious

Healthy material, safe to use No harmful substances will be released during cooking. Let's give full play to your cooking creativity

Exquisite craftsmanship, Keep improving to achieve the quality of ingenuity details

Safe surface treatment with vegetable oil, healthy and safe, not easy to stick pot lid

Can be equipped with fir cover and translucent cover

And there is also a transparent glass cover


South African cast iron pot is a widely used outdoor cooker, which is famous for its ability to cook delicious food under non ideal conditions. Put any kind of food in, add some of your favorite ingredients, and have a try. The surface of the pot is treated with a mixture of low trans fat and cholesterol soybean oil as antirust to create a healthier and more environmentally friendly cooking style.

The concave bowl shaped structure of the bottom of the cast iron pot in South Africa introduces the thermal current into the food, provides stable and uniform heating, and finally forms a unified cooking process to help you control the whole cooking process!

Material and maintenance:

1. When using this product for the first time, wash it carefully with warm water and neutral lotion.

2. Daily use of neutral or special lotion products to extend its service life.

3. Avoid sudden change of temperature. When the temperature of the pot is high, it is not easy to pour cold water immediately or put the pot in cold water to prevent the enamel layer from falling off.

4. Avoid overheating. This product has a strong thermal conductivity, high temperature heating will make the pot over heated. It is recommended to use low and medium heat.

5. Please wipe it clean as soon as possible after use, and put it in a ventilated place, not in a wet place for a long time.

6. Excessive bumping is strictly prohibited to prevent enamel layer damage.

7. Try to use wooden or silicone spatula, avoid using metal spatula, steel ball, so as not to scratch the enamel, affect the pot life.

8. Because the enamel pot is made of sand mold, when the molten iron is poured into the mold, a lot of gas will be produced, so the finished product may have trachoma and air holes. The enamel layer is sprayed upside down, so there is silver gray iron on the edge of the pot, which is not a quality problem! After cleaning, plant oil can be applied on the pot mouth for rust prevention.

9. The lid of the molding pot is a complex irregular structure. During the firing process, there will be uneven gravity, resulting in a certain gap between the pot body and the lid, which is a normal situation and does not affect the use,

don’t worry. If you mind the above situation, please choose carefully!

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