ChuiHua Factory Pre-seasoned Non-Stick Large Heavy Duty Cast Iron Round Skillet Cast Iron Frying Pan With Two Handle

Short Description:


Type: Pans


Applicable Stove: General Use for Gas and Induction Cooker


Wok type: Non-stick


Pot Cover Type: Without Pot Cover


Pans Type: Frying Pans & Skillets


Metal Type: Cast Iron


Place of Origin: Hebei, China


Brand Name: CHIHUA


Color: custom


Product name: Cast iron Skillet


Usage: Kitchen


Coating: Vegetable oil


Shape: Square Shape


Lid: custom


Keywords: cast iron skillet


Size: DIa26cm


Product Detail

Item name XG-100A-1
Size DIA 30cm
Material Cast iron
Logo customer request
Shape Round
Color Black

The cast iron frying pan can be put into the oven and can directly cook steak. The iron material and the peculiar Maillard reaction of red meat can improve the taste. Uniform heating range also makes the frying pan play a better role. This is what stainless steel pots can't bring. Accurate temperature control and thermal conductivity are also the reasons why he is loved by chefs

Side drip spout: features integrated side drip lips making it easy to discard excess oil & fat. The steak grill pan has a smooth porcelain enamel coating proven to effectively distribute & retain heat for an even cooking throughout the entire pan…-round-skillet-product/

Maintenance instructions:

Cast iron pot is an iron material. It is normal that it will rust after being placed for a long time after use. Therefore, we have withdrawn a set of methods to maintain the pot, so that the majority of consumers can better use the pot and prolong the service life of the pot.


1. Clean with warm water or soap. If necessary, use brush and other tools to clean the rust.


2. After cleaning, quickly wipe the water stains on the pot with a dry towel or paper towel.


3. Pour vegetable oil or edible oil inside and outside the pot, and evenly coat the whole pot body with vegetable oil or edible oil with an oil brush.

Why choose us and where are our advantages

1,The pot body is thick, has good heat storage, is evenly heated.
2,The surface is only treated with anti-rust treatment of vegetable oil spray, no chemical coating, and the subsequent non-stick effect can be achieved through the raising pot.
3,We are a factory with more than 30 years of casting experience.

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