Hot Selling Red Enamel Non Stick Cast Iron Dutch Oven Cast Iron Enamel Casserole For Cast Iron Cookware

Short Description:

Item no:XGA 25A,

Material Cast Iron

Material: Metal
Metal Type: Cast Iron
Feature: Sustainable
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Brand Name:chuihua
Product name: Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Usage: Home Hotel
Lid: Enamel Cast Iron Lid
Coating: Color Enamel
Name: Round Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Color: red
Keywords: Enamel Casserole
Shape: Round Cast Iron Cooking Pot

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Product Detail

Product Description

Item no XGA 25A
Size DIA 25cm
Material Cast Iron
Finish Enamel Color
Color Red Or customer request
Logo Chuihua Or customer request
Shape Round

Product Introduction


If stainless steel pots are experts in daily cooking, then cast iron pots are experts in the appraisal of beauty food. Cast iron pots and pans were originally tailor-made for professional chefs, and then they became popular in France and gradually spread throughout Europe and Japan. , South Korea and North America. The enamel cast iron pot has the material properties of traditional iron pots and casserole pots, as well as the advantages of Western-style healthy cooking steel pots. Whether it is stir-frying, stewing, or frying, the pot can cook up to the level of a professional chef, and it can become a highlight of family banquets or gatherings.


Cast iron pot cover


Black Matt enamel lining:Dark inner enamel, suitable for a variety of cooking methods.Absorb the fat in food, not easy to stick to the pot, easy to clean

Design of self circulating water droplets.Well distributed dot shower,

Extract food and cover,And then evenly drop it back into the food to form a "delicious cycle".Make cooking tasty.


Be careful of hot pot

The cast iron enamel pot is an integrated cast iron pot. When cooking, please use anti scalding gloves to avoid hot hands. Keep the pot out of reach of children to prevent scalding

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