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Foldable Cast Iron Grill

Short Description:

Item No. XG 62W, Size 21*35cm, Material Cast Iron, Logo Can be customized; Package Per Piece with a inner box and then several pieces into a master carton;Delivery Time Shipped in 30 days after payment ;Appliance Gas, Electric, Available, Induction, Oven …

Product Detail

Product Description

Item No. XG 62W
Size 21*35cm
Material Cast Iron
Finish Vegetable oil
Color Black
Logo Chuihua or customer request
Shape Rectangle

Product Introduction


You don't need to go out to barbecue. Pick up this cast iron grill and you can make your own delicious steak. You can use it on any stove. Its high edge can protect you from splashing and ensure the cleanness of your table. More importantly, its design adds a lot of ridges, which can leave beautiful barbecue marks on your food.



The rectangle can put down more food. The ridge design can clearly leave the trace of barbecue. There are high edges on both sides, which can well prevent some spilled grease and ensure the cleanness of the table. With an oil outlet, it is more convenient to pour out the remaining oil.




The bottom is smooth and flat, and can be placed on any stove for cooking. The wooden handle is designed to facilitate disassembly. If one place breaks down, the other can be retained, which greatly improves the saving ability.

Why choose us and where are our advantages

1,The pot body is thick, has good heat storage, is evenly heated.

2,The surface is only treated with anti-rust treatment of vegetable oil spray, no chemical coating, and the subsequent non-stick effect can be achieved through the raising pot.

3,We are a factory with more than 30 years of casting experience.


1. Cooking dishes are delicious

Cast iron pot cooking adds flavor and cooking dishes are more delicious

2. Good heat storage performance

The thick bottom of the pot provides good heat storage and is more energy efficient

3. Healthy without chemical coating

The surface is only used as a vegetable oil layer for anti-rust treatment, which is more healthy.

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