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Enameled Coated Cast Iron Round Sauce Pan with Lid

Short Description:

DIA:24cm, Material Cast Iron, Logo Can be customized; Package Per Piece with a inner box and then several pieces into a master carton; Delivery Time Shipped in 30 days after payment; Appliance Gas, Electric, Available, Induction, Oven …

Product Detail

Product Description

Size DIA 24cm
Material Cast Iron
Finish Enamel Color
Color Red Or customer request
Logo Chuihua Or customer request
Shape Round

Product Introduction


If stainless steel pots are experts in daily cooking, then cast iron pots are experts in the appraisal of beauty food.  Whether it is stir-frying, stewing, or frying, the pot can cook up to the level of a professional chef, and it can become a highlight of family banquets or gatherings.


A long handle


The shape of the product is different from other Dutch pots. It adopts only one long handle. However, there is no reduction in function. It can be used to cook soup, noodles, hot milk and porridge.


Enamel pot bottom

The smooth enamel porcelain pot bottom is not easy to wear on the stove and dining table. The thickened design is suitable for cooking


The cast iron pot wall and edge are thickened to better store heat and save energy, and effectively control oil fume. Even if the thickened pot bottom is full of fire and gas, it is not easy to paste the pot. At the same time, the fried nutrition is firmly sealed in the middle and lower part of the pot, which can save the original juice and flavor of food more vigorously.


Be careful of hot pot

The cast iron enamel pot is an integrated cast iron pot. When cooking, please use anti scalding gloves to avoid hot hands. Keep the pot out of reach of children to prevent scalding


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