Baking Tray Enamel Coated Rectangular Cast Iron Dish Pan Enamel Cast iron Enamel Cast Iron Cookware

Short Description:


Metal Type: Cast Iron


Certification: LFGB


Feature: Sustainable


Place of Origin: Hebei, China


Brand Name: CHUIHUA


Material: Cast Iron


Product name: cast iron dish pan


Usage: Home Cooking


Color: custom


Size: custom


Shape: Square/Oval/rectangular, etc.


Coating: Enamal


Description: Environmentally Friendly


Inner coating: Enamal


Keywords: frying dish pan


Product Detail

Product Description

Item No. XG 601/XG 602
Size 37cm*17.7CM/41*22CM
Material Cast Iron
Coating Enamel
Color Red
Shape Rectangle

Product Introduction

One of the most notable benefits of enameled cast iron sauce pan/dish pan is the variety of colors it gives to consumers. Enameled cast iron cookware is available in a wide array of colors that you can purchase to match your existing cookware, place settings or kitchen decor.




Anti scalding design

There are ear shaped handles on both sides of the baking tray, which are easy to hold and handle

The interior of the baking tray is white enamel coating. If properly used, it can achieve good non stick effect, no porcelain falling, durable and easy to clean

The coating is dark red color, and the bottom coating ratio can be customized without affecting the skid resistance of the bottom

It can be heated directly in the oven. Please wear gloves when you heat in the oven and take it out, because the product is cast iron. The whole body of the heating pot will be hot.

To avoid being burned, please wear thick insulated gloves.


1,One-piece molding, the pot body is molded by high temperature casting once

2,Iron cast material, iron plate cast from molten iron, thick and durable
3,The bottom of the pot is smooth, no stove is selected, and the thermal conductivity is good.

selected high quality pig iron,after high temperature smelting,fine casting process,it is safety and healthy;it provides superior heat retention and even heat distribution;

it's incredibly durable

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