Hot Selling Reversible 2-sided Grill Available Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle Outdoor Cooker Grill Pan

Short Description:

Size: 48*25cm

Material Cast Iron, Vegetable Oil

Color: Black

Logo Can be customized

Package Per Piece with a inner box and then several pieces into a master carton

Delivery Time Shipped in 30 days after payment

Appliance Gas, Electric, Available, Induction, Oven …

Sample Order Yes

Logistics cost According to your order quantity

Product Detail

Hot Selling Reversible 2-sided Grill Available Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle Outdoor Cooker Grill Pan

Item name Double-sided Griddle Pan 
Size 48*26cm
Material Cast iron
Coating vegetable oil
Color   Black

Size introduction


If you need other sizes, please contact us. We are a manufacturer of industry and trade. We also have many cast iron products, not only baking pans.

Details description

Reversible Grilling: A good seasoning makes all the difference. With this amazing reversible grilling feature, you can cook classic grill steak using a ribbed grill side and enjoy the delicious meals cooked on smooth sides.

Cast-iron surface slowly cooks to distribute heat evenly for a delicious meal and it also designed in a way that it drain off fat in food to deliver both nutrition and taste. Oven-safe & suitable for all cooking surfaces.
Everything a griddle, skillet or grill can do, Great for frying bacon, cooking eggs, chicken, burgers, kebabs, tortillas, dosa, roti, pancakes, or just plain giving a steak a good sear
Pre-seasoned cast iron is ready to use right away and easy to maintain - Works on all cooktops including: gas range, induction, and electric Oven-friendly up to 500 F and fire pit-friendly

Scope of application:cast iron griddle for gas stove top, electric oven, grill, camp, campfire and fire pit.100% solid cast iron with matte coating,perfect thickness, excellent distribute heat evenly and nicely heat retention, maintain the original flavor of food.


How to Use: non-pre-seasoned, please season with vegetable oil (linseed oil) before your first use, let the griddle warm up for a while, then you can cook food you want.
How to Clean: in case of paste pot, please do not rush to clean, can add warm water immersion or boil for a few minutes, clean with soft sponge to wipe off excess oil and food residue, do not leave the grill plate in water for longer than 10-15 minutes, please always dry the grill plate immediately with a towel or cloth to evaporate any remaining moisture. Give it a little oil before you store it in a dry and ventilated environment.



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